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Calling all wheeler's

On January 21 a fellow wheeler was involved in a serious accident,
Aaron "Big Ern" was struck by a vehicle out front of a friends shop and suffered serious injury. It is still unclear the extent of the damage but at this point what is known is Aaron and his family have a long road ahead of them. The support from the local wheelin' community has been excellent with prayers and good wishes coming from all over. As we know the wheelin' community is made up of great people, people that stick together and are always willing to lend a hand both on and off the trail. Aaron is 110% one of these, always willing to get his hands dirty and help anyone in a tight situation, and one of the finest young men you'll meet.
Well again we have the opportunity to show what we can do as a community and help take some of the stress of this family through their darkest hours. This page will stay up for the next month and provide updates and info on "Ern's" condition ,we ask that you post it anywhere you see fit, and if you can please make a small donation to this worthy cause.
Lets reach out here and make something positive come from this painful situation.
It's something we all would hope would be done for us is the table was turned.

Below is a quote from the local newspaper along with links to the various threads that have gone around the boards.

A pedestrian struck on Bradner Road Monday was seriously injured and air lifted to Royal Columbian Hospital.
A 23-year-old Langley man was hit in the 7500 block of Bradner Road by a northbound Cadillac around 6 p.m.
He had been standing on the road taking pictures of a tow truck dealing with a stuck off road vehicle.
The victim was thrown a distance and suffered serious injuries, and then transported to hospital by helicopter, said Const. Casey Vinet of Abbotsford Police. The cause of the accident hasn't been confirmed but poor visibility due to dark and rainy weather may have been a factor, said Vinet. The 58-year-old female driver from Abbotsford was unhurt in the accident.


There are other threads on as well, but please get the message out there!
We've all seen what communities like ours can do when we pull together and the power of the internet. Please also sign the provided guest book and send Aaron and his family your messages and thoughts.


To make a donation through pay pal please click one of the links below, we will provide other avenues for donation once set up.


If you prefer to use cold hard cash there are a few people accepting donations,
Click on the name of the person in your area to contact them now.
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In the interior
Rich and Kelly

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Mid and North Island please contact for more info:


Big Ern and thanks you for your support.